Water Analysis

Your pool water should be tested two to three times a week. Keeping track of your water balance will create an optimum swim environment for you and your guests and ensure a long life for your pool. All water samples should be collected from the deep end of your pool. Crystal clear pool water is a must and so are reliable chlorine products that help fight...

Our Mission

At Synergy Pool Services, our mission is to provide excellent customer service to allow you to enjoy using your pool and/or spa without worry about maintenance or upkeep. We offer weekly cleaning and balancing water chemical as well as repair of pumps and water systems. We also repair spas. We take pride knowing that we treat each of our customers as our only...

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Many pool companies make serious claims about their work and very few can actually deliver on their claims. We are one of the few pool companies that can deliver on their promises, and we have been for years.


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